Calisthenics For Muscle Strength

Adequate muscle strength is what enables one to do such daily activities as climbing stairs, getting in and out of bed and carrying the groceries into the house. Resistance training increases muscle strength by putting more than the usual amount of strain on a muscle. This increased load stimulates the growth of small proteins inside each muscle cell that play a central role in the ability of the muscle to generate force. There are programs designed by gyms and other health club organisations to integrate calisthenics exercises in the workout programs. These programmes require minimal equipment and can be performed in any location- indoors and outdoors. Calisthenic exercises and workouts, depending on how they are performed, can be used to develop flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and/or muscle power.

Occasions When Calisthenics Workout Develops Muscle Strength

There are two occasions, however, when calisthenics workouts help to develop muscle strength. They are

1. The first occasion depends on individual fitness level. Individuals who can only perform a low number of repetitions during a calisthenics workout programs will develop muscle strength. Those who can perform a higher number (more than 10-12) will develop muscle endurance
2. The second occasion occurs where calisthenics workout programs are modified to overload the muscles so that they contribute to strength development.

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Generally, activities of longer duration require more muscle endurance. One should modify the training programs according to the principles of strength and endurance specific to mission requirements. Muscle strength and endurance are both essential for extreme fitness performance. Muscular strength is also required for many team sports. Muscular endurance is needed when work is required over longer periods of time.

Why is it important to Strengthen The Muscles?

Many people think that it is the skeleton system that supports the body. However, it is not true. The body is supported by the muscular system. Working on muscle strength is especially important as we age. One needs to strengthen the muscles before embarking into cardio –respiratory exercises. Some of the good ways to improve muscle strength are

1. Muscle strength is the ability of the muscle to exert force during an activity, and it’s achieved through resistance, to gravity or to weight.
2. Calisthenics such as push-ups also can improve muscle strength by working the muscles intensely using body weight.
3. Lifting more weight will increase strength, while lifting the same amount for increasingly longer reps will build endurance. Both will increase muscle mass.