Can a Stationary Bicycle Improve Back Pain?

Of the many possible exercises that can be used to strengthen a person’s back one of the best suited to someone suffering from back pain is using a stationary cycle. This is because riding a stationary cycle can build strength in the back muscles, diminish pain and make the spine healthier. All of these are very valuable to the person who needs to find a gentle way to exercise him or herself into better health.

As well, a stationary bicycle is not an expensive piece of equipment to buy. It need not be purchased new and does not require all the fancy gadgets that many of them have and which only add to the overall price. A reasonable one in good condition can be found through the classified ads for under a hundred dollars. If on the other hand you like all the gadgets, the mileage counters and the calorie counters, you can spend much more to get one like that. A new one with gadgets can easily cost five hundred dollars.

Many people with back pain are hesitant to go bicycle riding out on the streets for fear of having severe enough trouble while they are out on their bicycles that they may have difficulty in returning home. As well, since the roads are not always even, including the bike paths, the act of riding a bicycle on these roads can in itself cause more back pain. A stationary bicycle offers no such danger. It is a very appropriate means of exercise since it is both low impact and low stress in nature and you don’t have to leave your home to workout. All of these factors are easier on those who are suffering from recurring back pain.

Some disbelievers will claim that an exercise bicycle is only truly useful for improvement in leg and abdomen muscles but that is not the case. Using an exercise bicycle actually improves posture, adjusts the spine and so strengthens the back and adds to its ease of mobility and flexibility. It also prevents stiffness. Even though, in this case, it is not the reason to use an exercise bicycle, another benefit to the user is improved cardiovascular health.

Riding a stationary bicycle is considered a form of aerobic exercise. Normally these can be too hard on the person who is trying to recover from back pain, but there are a few aerobic exercises, like this one, that are considered low impact enough to be worth exploring. These include swimming, walking and yoga. Generally speaking any aerobic exercise shows health benefits to back ache sufferers. This is at least partly the case because exercise increases the body’s production of endorphins and they are the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins therefore not only assist in pain relief, they are able to diminish stress, and depression too. Often people fighting back pain have to deal with the added problems of stress and anxiety. This is due to their concerns about having own again hurting their backs.