Can Yoga Help Control The Signs Of Incontinence?

Incontinence can be a potentially embarrassing condition that affects people of all ages. The good news is that if you suffer from any kind of incontinence, there are many things you can do in order to find relief from incontinence. If you are wary of taking drugs, there are many natural and holistic approaches to treating incontinence that can be very safe and effective. Did you know that yoga might be able to help, as well?

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Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that can help alleviate the symptoms of many different medical conditions. Yoga has even been found to be very effective in treating many of the most common symptoms of incontinence. There are two types of incontinence that are the most common. These are known as stress incontinence and urgency incontinence. What is the difference between these two different types of incontinence?

The main difference between these two types of incontinence is easy to understand. Stress incontinence is most commonly described as the process of a generally very small amount of urine leaking out after enough internal pressure has built up. For instance, stress incontinence can also happen when someone coughs, sneezes, lifts something heavy, or laughs. On the other hand, urgency incontinence is occurs when the body signals that it needs to release urine immediately, without the usual kind of build-up that warns the body.

Urination is generally considered to be a very voluntary act. However, urination can more accurately be described as a reflex action. What happens during this process? Most commonly, the urinary sphincter will relax and the bladder walls will contract, causing urine to force out. This is where yoga can come in. Yoga can help to control incontinence by helping to improve the control you have over your urinary sphincter. Becoming more conscious about the control of your body can help significantly to control your bladder movements.

How can yoga help control your incontinence? One of the most popular yoga poses that can help is the chair pose. You can make this special pose by standing in mountain pose with your feet held together. Then you should align your legs and bring them in together as if they were being zipped together. Keep your pelvis aligned with your torso so that your head, the center of it, is in direct line with your pelvic floor.

When you inhale, raise your arms into the upward salute pose so that your arms are in line with your ears, with your palms facing one another. Next, make sure your arms are kept straight yet relaxed. Interlace your fingers while doing this. On the next inhalation, turn your palms so that they face the ceiling and then extend your arms fully. Soften your abdomen and back ribs and take a few deep breaths. Continue to lift your arms and torso up toward the ceiling. When you exhale, bring your arms downward and gradually bend your legs. Continue these movements. For more information about using yoga to increase your body’s control, visit your local yoga studio or check out yoga forums on the web.