Candida: A Harmful Disease

An introduction to Candida
Candida is originated by the toxic substance produced by the yeast cells. A yeast cell produces more than 75 toxic substances, which contaminate the tissues. It also weakens the immune system, the glands, the kidneys, bladder, lungs, liver. It also has many adverse effects to the brain and nervous system. These toxins can be very harmful and invasive in the fungal form, where it provides very long, root-like structures that penetrate the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal wall. Invasion of the Candida bacteria breaks down the protective bacteria between the intestinal tract and bloodstream. This allows many foreign and toxic substances to enter in the body and as a result body system is polluted. Because of Candida proteins and other food wastes that are not completely digested in the body. Candida can cause many health problems such as allergic reaction and fatigue.

The main causes of Candida
Candida can be directly related to the defective system. There are many reasons of the Candida. The most common cause of the Candida is the toxins and vaccination. It is caused by the yeast Candida. The other most important cause of Candida is nutritional deficiency. It is also a contributing factor in Candida disease, because diet deficiency affects the biochemical process inside our cells. It also affects the digestion in our body. Poor dietary choice is also a prominent cause of Candida. The other reasons may be stress, suppression, negative thoughts, fear, lack of love, lack joy and other mental disorders. Not doing enough physical activity lead to a higher chance of Candida.

Candida Symptoms
The most important symptom of Candida is extreme lethargy. There are many other symptoms of the Candida disease. There can be a whole list provided for the symptoms of the Candida disease. The symptoms are also very common that is why, the diagnosis of this disease is very difficult. Some of the important symptoms of the Candida are Diarrhea, chronic gas, bloating, abdominal cramps alleviated by bowel movements, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder sometimes also point towards the Candida. Weakness and muscle pain are also some of the important symptoms of the Candida.