Candida Cleanse Diet

About the Candida cleanse diet:

The immune system is partially dependant upon what we eat or our diet. However when it is a complicated matter when it comes to prevent and treat conditions like candidiasis or any other form of fungal, yeast infections. Although there is no magic recipe that will get rid of the Candida overnight but observing strict dietary rules can certainly to some extent lower the risk of yeast becoming a problem. Any good candida diet should reduce as much as possible processed sugar, yeast, dairy, wheat, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as researches have shown that all these food items supports the growth of Candida. It is also recommended to disinfect fruit, vegetables, and salad in a grapefruit seed extract water solution for 10 minutes to prevent any sort of unintentional ingestion of mold fungi.

Contents of the diet:

Laboratory study of the Candida bacteria have shown that it thrives well on carbohydrates, preserved refined foods, mold and also foods that contain yeast and gluten, a wheat bread protein. A good Candida diet should be abundant of nutrients such as high fiber and low starch vegetables like broccoli, celery, radish and asparagus including natural anti-fungal like raw onions and garlic, high protein ingredients such as antibiotic free fish, fowl, nuts, seeds and eggs and complex carbohydrates comprising of rice, beans, millet, amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat. Curds and probiotics may be included as a part of the daily dietary intake as they are found to replenish the number of the beneficial micro organisms in the intestinal cavity.

Food items to avoid:

It is very inevitable to avoid food items those support the growth and reproduction of the Candida bacteria. All yeast products and fermented foods such as vinegar, wine, bakers and the brewer yeast are included in the list. Also reduction of all carbohydrate rich food products helps in suppressing the bacteria to a great extent as it starves the bacteria. Any form of smoked, dried, pickled or cured foods mushrooms, nut butter except almonds and almond butter, fruit juices, dried or candied fruit and coffee, black tea, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol should be eliminated. Consumption of sugars and starches and foods that contains mycotoxins should also be checked to a great extent.