Candida Cure

Candida is mostly known as thrush, which is a negative yeast infection. It starts in the digestive system and then spreads to other parts of the body as well. Women are most likely to get yeast infections. Millions of men have the condition too. Yeast infections are uncomfortable, irritating and very embarrassing for women. Candida yeast can form by taking antibiotics for other health conditions. Candida Albicans is naturally occurring yeast that is found in every person. In balanced state yeast is the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus control population. If this balance is disrupted the yeast can overpopulate and cause infections. This infection is commonly known as candida yeast infection or thrush.

Treatment to cure candida
The first thing to do is diminish the level of Candida to that of a normal raze. This is done using fungicides. There are many natural fungicides such shark liver oil, which can be used in a maintenance fashion once Candida levels are low enough. However originally there is now available a natural herbal product too. It helps maintain balanced intestinal micro flora. Another way to get rid of candida cure is candida diet. Reduce sugars and carbohydrates in diet, particularly sugars as yeasts love these and thrive on them. Take probiotics containing such bacteria as Lactobacilli, Bifid bacterium as well. These bacteria do not just crowd out intestinal yeast. They also produce factors such as lactic acid, formic acid, acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide that help to provide an environment and pH unfavorable to yeasts. Avoid where possible the intake of oral antibiotics, antacids and steroids.

Dos and don’t
First one should cut down their intake of too much sugar. It includes fructose, honey, molasses and fruit-juice sweeteners as well. Avoid white starch food like white bread, cakes, cookies, white pasta, white rice, potatoes without their skins and all refined flours. Whole-grain flour in moderation is acceptable. Avoiding them puts an unnecessary burden on the patient, discouraging adherence to any form of anti-candida diet and derailing the whole treatment-effort. Increase your intake of essential oils. Omega-3 oils, which are very lacking in the Western World’s diet is the good option. These include Fish oils, and oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, tuna-in-oil, sardines-in-oil. And last but not least avoid antibiotics and cortisone-type prescriptions if at all possible.