Candida Diet Foods – Food with Thought

Candida is a type of yeasts. This yeast can cause fungal infections not only in humans but also in animals. Generally, this kind of infection affects women mainly in the vagina. However, it is also possible that any other body part is affected by such a fungal infection. Candida can also affect men. Such kind of infection can cause great trouble to the people suffering from it. Candida patients are advised to follow a specific diet, which is useful in combating Candida.

Candida Diet

Medical practitioners and physicians give a lot of importance to the diet that has to be followed by Candida patients. According to them, it is important that the patients of Candida consume foodstuffs that are not harmful or worsen the infection caused by the Candida yeast. Thus, the individuals must be careful to include only those foodstuffs that are extremely healthy and not create any further trouble to the patients of Candida. There is an elaborate list of foodstuffs that are considered healthy for the patient of Candida.

It is very important for the patients of Candida to consume fresh vegetables. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, turnips and kohlrabi etc. are considered to be very good for the Candida patients. The patients are also advised to consume soya milk instead of cow milk, as it is more nutritious. Physicians also advise the Candida patients to include lot of onions and garlic in their diet. For the carbohydrates, the patients are advised to include rice and oat cakes, corn tortillas, tacos and freshly cracked nuts. Their diet must also include brown rice and flour as they have great nutritional value. The patients are also advised to consume a butter, cottage cheese as well as yogurt.

The Candida patients must also include foodstuffs that have a high protein content. Their diet must have meat, fresh fish, shellfish, eggs and lentils. Their vitamin requirement must also be satisfied through the inclusion of fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices. It is imperative that they drink a lot of water everyday. Water acts as a cleansing agent in the body and is hence very useful.

All these foodstuffs point to the fact that the Candida patients must rely only on highly nutritious diet. They must keep out all the junk and oily foodstuffs. They must eat wisely to eliminate Candida as fast as possible.