Candida Elimination Program

Candida problems are caused when the beneficial yeast form of candida albicans mutates to its fungal form. As it grows out of balance it produce toxins which affect the mucousal lining of the intestines. It leads to spongy burn up syndrome and a whole host of problems too. There are numerous symptoms that are said to be associated with the problem.

Elimination of food habits

All foods containing processed sugars should be eliminated. This includes cakes, sweets, jams and sodas too. Fruit, Fruit sugars and including fruit juices and honey are also eliminated at the beginning of the diet. White Flour products, such as breads and pastas and white rice are processed food that has to be eliminated. Potatoes, Chips, crisp, crackers are simple carbohydrates that are no in diet. Removals of products that have been fermented or contain yeast like bread, alcohol, soy sauce and vinegar are also prohibited. Fungal Products like mushrooms and cheeses are restricted too.

Food choice and cleansing

Drink plenty of water to help the body detoxify. Start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon juice. Eat plenty of salads with raw salad vegetables such as celery, peppers to help detox and to help energy. Eat vegetables that inhibit the growth of Candida like raw garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli, turnip and kale. Get protein from fish and fowl. Do not eat red meats for first four weeks as they may strain a weak digestive system. Another area that may be helpful is to eat smaller meals. Chew food well, digestion starts in the mouth.

Re introduce of food

Add pro-life bacterial flora back into the system. A good probiotic supplement is a must. Also use natural no sugar yogurt to help repopulate intestines. A mixture of yogurt and two tablespoons of linseed can be a good way to start the day.
Some nutritional practitioners think the linseed can help to scrape the sticky residue from processed foods from the intestinal walls. Begin by reintroducing foods back into the diet. Introduce one food per week and note the effects as well. If a food disagrees then eliminate it. Keep processed sugars to a minimum.