Candida Yeast And Fibromyalgia

Candida yeast overgrowth is the cause of many of today’s most common health disorders. Candida albicans is a strain of yeast that occupies a place in the microbial ecology of the human intestinal environment. It is an organism that is responsible for the neutralization of certain species of harmful gut bacteria. Candida albicans is found in low concentrations in healthy intestinal systems, where it performs its normal, healthy functions, assisting in the maintenance of ideal intestinal flora levels. Candida albicans yeast can easily multiply out of control do to the prevalence of health undermining factors so common in our modern world.
Some of the reasons that yeast overgrowth causes so many problems are becoming clear. The patients with fibromyalgia have abnormally high levels of yeast and fungal metabolites in the urine. One of the most prevalent of these yeast or fungal metabolites is called tartaric acid. this compound can be elevated as high as 50 times normal in adults with fibromyalgia.

Candida and poor intestinal flora

Toxins from yeast and bacteria can interfere with energy production of+ the cell’s mitochondria.
Epstein-Barr, Herpes, CMV and other viruses are associated with chronic fatigue. These are kept in check by the cell-mediated immunity. Intestinal yeast suppresses cell-mediated immunity and thus makes it more difficult for body to keep these viruses in check. Thyroid hormone is required for energy production. Thyroid hormone levels can be concealed by the body’s reaction to the intestinal flora and its toxins. Poor flora can lead to alterations in immune system that can promote the formation of fibrin. When fibrin coats the capillaries, this can interfere with oxygen getting into the cell.

Foods not allowed when this fungus attack
Sugar, honey, all dairy except for yogurt and moderate amounts of cream or butter, all grains or anything made from grains, Beets, corn, potato, beans, carrots, Vinegar, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Nuts, Fruits, Coffee, Juices except fresh squeezed veggie juice from the allowed veggie group. While on this part of the diet take 4-6 platinum plus before meals. If this bothers stomach take them with meals for two weeks then try to take them before meals. Make sure to take a multi-vitamin and fatty acids with meals.