Canine Acupressure

People are opening up to the healing arts rather than just the practice of medicine. There are many new books and sites where one can find the explanation of the history, theory of acupressure and its applications for companion animals too

How it happens
The basic elements of acupressure are the same as for humans and animal. It can be used to treat acute as well as chronic health problems. In traditional Oriental thought, every human and animal is born with a fixed amount of life energy. Inn self flows through the body in pathways known as meridians. The meridian pathways carry messages from the acupressure points to specific organs or parts of the body. Stimulation of points can produce endorphins that reduce pain and relieve muscle spasms. It also increases blood supply to ailing areas and releases the body’s natural cortisone, to reduce swelling. The antibody production can be measurably increased as well. The basic acupressure treatments are based on four steps. There is a unique element in healing that can occur more readily when the person who is related to the animal is the one doing the touching of the animal.
Steps for treatment

1. The Art of Observing plays the important step toward the healing. Study of the animal in its environment is essential during treatment, and after treatment.
2. By talking, petting and then asking permission to work on the companion is very vital.
3. The use of the heel of the hand to work from behind the skull to the outside of the hind leg, known as the bladder meridian.
4. The point work is the nucleus of the acupressure treatment. Point work, which can be done with a thumb or finger brings balance to the meridian system and facilitates the healing process.

The therapeutic massage and acupressure for animals gives a great relief in the joint mobility problems, dysphasia, arthritis, over and under functioning thyroid problems, specific and obvious muscle strains, tensions and spasms and many other general aging or injured animal conditions as well. The healing touch is very important to recover the animal. It understands the touch of love and affection.