Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diet – Appropriate Diet can Help Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a term given to hand numbness and pain. It is caused by increased pressure exerted on the median nerve running through the carpal tunnel. This syndrome is mainly occurs in women as compared to men.

Main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

Increasing pressure on the wrist and carpal is the most common reason for this syndrome. However, there are many external and internal factors that could also lead to this syndrome. In some cases this syndrome could follow a wrist injury. This disorder could also be due to congenital predisposition i.e. the carpal tunnel is unusually small in size since birth. Due to this small size, there is more pressure on the nerves. Overactivity of the pituitary gland, hypothyroidism and rheumatic arthritis could also be one of the causative agents for carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome may also arise during pregnancy and menopause.

Foodstuffs to be included in your diet

Healthy food and regular exercise is the key to a disease-free life. In order to avoid this syndrome one must have nutritious food. Toxins and junk food should be avoided. One’s diet should contain nutrients that would help in cleansing the body. The diet should be rich in vitamin B6. This vitamin is readily available in food stuffs such as potatoes, bananas, brown rice, green vegetables and chicken breast. Turmeric is a herb, which consists of an anti-inflammatory chemical known as curcumin. The diet should contain lots of water. Hence, having water, fruit and vegetable juices is advisable. It is also suggested to intake organic food, fat heal food and food that contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. consuming unrefined sea salt can also prove to be healing against this syndrome. However, along with dieting one should try not be intolerant to food. Tolerance to food means the sensitivity of the body to the chemicals present in the foodstuff. One should avoid packaged food since it contains a harmful chemical known as tartrazine. Tartrazine hampers the vitamin B6 count in the body. But along with dieting one must also take exercising into consideration. One must try to get involved in sports such as golf, riding, swimming etc. Also yoga and meditation can prove to be very useful in dealing with this syndrome.