Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explanation – Get the Basics Right

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is seen very commonly among several people all over the world. It is a physical disorder that can trouble anyone irrespective of his profession and habits. Thus, it is important to know certain important facts about the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Important Facts

The carpal tunnel syndrome affects the hand, to be precise the wrist. The carpal tunnel syndrome is caused due to the median nerve in the hand getting compressed. This nerve passes through the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel consists of bones as well as ligaments. Apart from the bones and the ligaments, the carpal tunnel also consists of tendons and other soft tissues. In the carpal tunnel syndrome, these tissues and tendons get a swelling. Even the sheaths which cover the tendons and tissues swell. This swelling has no space to spread and expand into other parts. Due to this, there is a constant build-up of pressure within the carpal tunnel. This is the pressure which causes the median nerve to become compressed and shrink. This is the reason which gives rise to the carpal tunnel syndrome.

This internal pressure does not allow even the blood flow to continue smoothly. Carpal tunnel syndrome reveals very prominent symptoms. There is severe pain in the wrist and hand, especially after you get up after sleeping. As the syndrome becomes graver, the digits of the fingers including the thumb become painful. The pain is a typical needle-pricking pain increasing to a severe burning pain. After a certain point of time, the pain turns into numbness with no sensation left in the fingers and the hands.

The individual experiences extreme difficulties to pick up objects, even if they are small and light. They cannot hold them for a long period of time. Individuals also find it difficult to grip anything as they lose all the strength in their hand affected by carpal syndrome. The best method to cure the carpal tunnel syndrome is to pursue hand and wrist exercises after consulting a professional physiotherapist. There are several exercises of varying degrees which can be done by the individuals to strengthen the affected hand. Apart from this, even medicines are available to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome. Then only if the situation becomes too serious then only would a surgery be performed on the hand.


The carpal tunnel syndrome must be treated with immediate effect once the disorder is diagnosed. If it is neglected for a lo9ng period of time, then it can also result in a permanent injury or damage of the hand or wrist.