Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Musician

The carpal tunnel syndrome is caused due to the compression of the median nerve in the wrist. Thus, if not treated in time, the syndrome can render one hand to become permanently damaged. Such a damage is a setback for anyone, but more so for music professionals. If musicians suffer from the carpal syndrome, their life as well as their careers can be permanently ruined.

Musicians Troubles

For a musician who makes a career by playing an instrument, can be the worst affected if he suffers from the carpal syndrome. For people who play instruments have their hands as their most valuable assets. If their hands do not function up to the mark, this would definitely affect the musician while he plays his instrument. With a painful hand he would surely not able to perform at his best. Thus, irrespective of whether the individual is a guitarist or a drummer or a violinist or whether he plays the flute or the piano, he cannot perform if he suffers from the carpal tunnel syndrome. Without his hands, a musician is like a warrior stripped of his weapons.

All said and done, musicians are the people who are most prone to the carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is in fact an occupational hazard for a musician. A musician goes through intense physical as well as mental stress each day. The musicians must have a particular posture of the hand while playing their instruments. This can result in the hands becoming stiff and are constantly under pressure. This makes the median nerve and the muscles of the wrist and the palm to bear tremendous work load everyday. This makes them prone to the carpal syndrome. Musicians who have a long list of commitments and play everyday with great vigor, have a great risk of suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome. The muscles of the hands of the musician work according to the musician’s way of playing. Due to over use the wrists of the hands of the musicians develop spasms and trigger points.

Due to these reasons, the musicians’ hands become very sensitive to any disorder. They start feeling pain even with slight muscle problem. They thus eventually become prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.