Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Physical Therapy – Positive Therapy

There are several methods of treating the carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatment measures include several medicines and surgery. However, the best form of treatment is definitely the form of physical exercises. Physiotherapy heals the disease in a much better way than all other ways of treatment.

Physiotherapy Lessons

All the doctors always advise the use of physiotherapy to treat diseases like the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because, physiotherapy strengthens the affected muscles and ligaments directly in a gradual manner. Also, these physiotherapy exercises do not have any negative side-effects on the health of the individual like the medicines. It takes longer to cure the carpal syndrome with the help of physiotherapy. However, it is the healthiest form of treatment too.

It includes exercises to increase strength and flexibility in the muscles and ligaments of the wrist and at the base of the hand. Physiotherapists advise a regular regime of stretching exercises for the hand and the wrist. This is essential in order to avoid any surgery. Physical therapy also involves frequent massages to the hand and wrist as a treatment for the carpal syndrome. The best massage types for carpal syndrome include Myofascial Release techniques and Neuromuscular Therapy. Experts also advise the patients to use the right tools and posture of hands at home and at work place to avoid any muscle flexing in the wrists.

Physiotherapists can also design a special exercise regimen for the patients of carpal syndrome. The exercises would depend upon the degree and nature of the syndrome. This would definitely help the individual in overcoming the problem of carpal syndrome to a large extent. Other forms of physical therapy include use of moist heat and ice-packs. Many physicians also use the technique of ultrasound which consists of the use of electrodes on the skin surface to reduce pain and impulses. Even wrist splints can be used by patients of carpal syndrome. Wrist splints keep the pressure off the median nerve by not allowing the joints to bend. It avoids the bending of the palm forward.

Whenever individuals suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrome, physicians always advise the use of physiotherapy. It is a tried and tested formula and has shown its performance over the years.