Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention – Tips To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome generally occurs in women. It is the swelling of the wrist and the carpal. This mainly due to increasing pressure exerted on the nerve that runs through the carpal.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome is usually caused due to increase pressure on the median nerves and tendons running through the carpal tunnel. Hence it is a neurological problem. The carpal tunnel syndrome can also be due to a congenital predisposition i.e. the carpal tunnel of the person suffering from the syndrome may be smaller than the normal tunnel. Other causes of this syndrome are either trauma or an injury of the wrist that may lead to swelling or pain or sprain or fracture of the wrist. Overactivity of the pituitary gland, hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis may be some other causative agents for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome

The basic stage of curing or preventing any disease is to understand the root cause of the disease. It is very important to understand the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. This would help one to cure the syndrome at the initial level. The next thing is to control your diet. One must avoid eating toxins and food that kills. One’s diet should contain nutritious food and food that heals the body, one must intake lots of vegetable and fruit juices and one must intake unrefined sea salt. One must consider cleansing of their body as a measure to prevent this syndrome. Cleansing can be of the bowel, dental cleansing, kidney cleansing and liver cleansing. For kids parasite cleansing can also be taken into consideration. Adults may take gallbladder cleansing too into consideration. Moreover, physical activity helps in combating this syndrome. One should consider going for fishing, rowing, riding, golf and even meditation and yoga. There are certain hand exercises that are prescribed by the doctor to prevent this syndrome. Along with body cleansing one should also consider cleansing of the mind. This can be done through psychotherapy and spiritual therapy. In today’s world, most of the jobs are sedentary and need to be done with the help of a computer. It is very important to place your hands in a proper direction while typing on the computer.