Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Vitamins – “Vital Means” Against the Carpal Syndrome

The carpal tunnel syndrome affects the wrists and the palms of the hands. It is a result of a compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel that connects the wrist and the forearm. Thus, it can render a hand useless for the patient. The carpal syndrome causes severe trouble and needs to be cured with immediate effect. One of the cures for this syndrome includes the use of vitamins.

Vital Vitamins

There are certain specific vitamins which are supposed to have a very positive result on the carpal syndrome. Vitamins like vitamin B6 is one of the vital vitamins which is used for treating carpal syndrome. Many doctors prefer to prescribe this vitamin B6 rather than perform a surgery on the patients of carpal syndrome. Especially, if pregnant women suffer from the carpal syndrome, then it is better to make them use B6 vitamin rather than put them through a surgery. These women are prescribed 50 to 300 milligrams of vitamin B6 for 60 to 90 days before their delivery. Studies indicate that about 11% of the pregnant women are cured of the carpal syndrome by the use of vitamin B6.

Patients of the carpal syndrome are often advised to include substances like bananas, avocados, brewer’s yeast and beef in their diet as they have a high content of B6. They are also prescribed nutrients like riboflavin and biotin to cure the carpal syndrome. The vitamin B6 is important for strengthening the muscles and ligaments which is the root problem in the carpal syndrome. It also gets rid of the excess water in the body which is responsible for aggravating the carpal syndrome. Thus B6 acts as a diuretic. There are several herbs too used to treat the carpal syndrome. These herbs are supposed to be the best cures as they are natural with no synthetic additions in it. They do not have any side-effects and are hence preferred by patients of carpal syndrome on a large scale. Natural substances like turmeric are also used for the treatment of carpal syndrome.

It is always better to rely on vitamins and natural herbs and medicines to cure a disease like the carpal syndrome. They cure it in the most healthy and fundamental way.