Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Yoga – The Healing Touch of Yoga

Exercising and eating nutritious food is the best way to lead a healthy, disease-free life. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves numbness and pain of the carpal tunnel. This syndrome is more common among women population then men.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a system of exercises that help one to control their body and mind. The exercises enhance your breathing and focus on the body alignment. This ancient spiritual practice first originated in India. The word yoga means enlightenment. The exercises involved in yoga are termed as asanas. In this method of exercising, a guru chants mantras. It also involves pranayama which means breathing exercises and mind smoothening through meditation. Yoga is thus, a technique of relaxation of mind and body spiritually. Meditation helps to attain self-realization and self-tranquility.

Yoga and carpal tunnel syndrome

Yoga plays an important role in easing pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga has the power of smoothening nerves. Simple yoga postures can help in curing the numbness and pain experienced in the carpal tunnel. Some of those postures include staff pose, prayer position, arms overhead, chair twist, arms overhead in prayer position and so on. In staff pose one should sit erect on a chair and press hands into the chair. The prayer position involves pressing the palms and fingers together and stretching and bending of the fingers. Arms overhead involves lifting arms overhead and stretching them. In the chair twist position one is expected to be seated sideways on a chair. Then place the hands behind the chair and twist to the right and the left. This technique is usually fruitful for computer users. Yoga positions that involve deep stretching are helpful in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. In rare cases surgery can prove to be useful in treating this syndrome. Yoga also helps to reduce tension and stress and brings about balance in the metabolic and behavior of the individuals.

Other suggestions

Along with yoga there are other ways to prevent carpal tunnel disorder. Sitting in an erect position while working, taking periodical short-walks during work, stretching arms, fingers and back; are some of those simple ways by which one can avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.