Carpel Tunnel Syndrome And Hypothyroidism

What is hypothyroidism??

The thyroid gland is associated with the body metabolism through the production of the hormone called the’ Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)’. Hypothyroidism is the condition of low secretion or rightly said the ‘hypo’ secretion of this hormone and result in to the slow rates of metabolisms in individuals. Thus the decreased metabolism rates will cause some discomfort when any body joint gets hampered. Thus the injuries to the wrist will get slower supply of hormones and nutrients which delays the methods of natural cure.


Chemical cures: The uses of anti-inflammatory drugs to lessen the degree of pain, certain cortisone injections are advised. Surgical remedies should be considered on severity of the disorder only. The others are the dosage of vitamin B6 which is 50 mg for two to three times in the day. The use of Arnica tablets and Arnica ointments relieves certain joint pains and swellings. There is a need for the enzyme supplements of that of Bromelain which helps in reducing the tissue swelling. Pineapple is a good resource for this.

Physiotherapeutic solutions: Massages offer by a myotherapist to trigger and strengthen your wrist muscles and tendons. Osteopathic corrections, chiropractic treatment, manipulations and acupuncture technique s come in handy. The acupressure stimulates the blood flow into the veins realizing from your acupuncture points only. Hence a safer solution. Inclusions of food enriched with potatoes, Bok chok, barley banana, mangoes, pork, sunflower seeds, etc which will help strengthen your pretentious joints.

Carpal tunnel remedy (CTR):

Thus the best way to keep away the CTS is eating away to good health. The inculcation of a strict and constant exercise regime is a must. Even yoga serves as a good help. The self-help method is more rewarding than spending some big bucks at the doctors’ clinic.

Feldenkrais: This is method of treatment which teaches one how to make certain body movements. Another name in the same field is the Hellerworks.weight loss, refraining from smoking, alcohol and use of any stimulants is a must. Thus the CTS can be counterattacked with the CTR.