Cellulite body wraps

One of the newest techniques used for getting rid of cellulite is body wrapping. What is a cellulite body wrap? Well, these wraps consist of special wraps or clothing made out of rubber or plastic, and are worn around the waist, covering the waist, hips and thighs. Some others can even cover nearly the entire body.

Nowadays, more and more beauty salons offer body wrapping to their clients. This procedure is believed to remove inches of cellulite from hips, thighs and waist. Due to the fact that cellulite is mainly water logged fat tissue, by wrapping the body in this special material, a person can lose inches, (not pounds) in a few hours. This is perfect if you want to go somewhere special and need to lose a few emergency inches.

The good news is this can also be done at home, and you can wear this special type of clothing even when you’re sleeping or shopping. There are several types of body wraps. Some of them are inflated with air from a vacuum cleaner; others use devices, such as hair dryers to blow in warm air. You can also use a cream or lotion after you use the wrap, or even use it directly on the wrap.

Many experts agree that body wrapping can lead to losing inches and sometimes pounds. However this can be simply explained by the perspiration the person has lost. This is achieved by reducing and removing excess fluids from the body. Unfortunately, in most of cases, these reductions are temporary because the fluids etc are replaced by eating and drinking. Also the process of removing fluids etc from the body in this way can be harmful. All the dehydration that happens during this process can lead to unbalanced electrolytes in our body.

Yet, if you have body wrapping done gradually, and in a reputable spa, you can achieve great results. The prices for a body wrapping session varies from $40 to several thousands, depending on how sophisticated the body wraps are and how good you really want to look.

Some spas even offer herbal and other natural wraps. The herbs are very different and can help body wrapping by increasing the circulation in your body or soothing your skin. Body wrapping can be a complex process, and can also sometimes be unpleasant. The toxins which are released can even make you feel as if you have a high temperature. This release of toxins etc is due to the herb-infused sheets wrapped around your body. This way, all the toxins in your body are eliminated, and due to this detoxification process, the cellulite will gradually disappear from the body.

Other favorites for body wrapping include seaweed, mud and salt. These are all very popular body wraps. Usually the client is wrapped from their neck down to their toes with their arms pressed close to the sides of their body. This can be an uncomfortable experience, and if you suffer from claustrophobia is not really recommended.

No matter what type of body wrap you choose, make sure you feel comfortable with the spa or beauty salon you choose. Also ensure the person doing the body wrap is well trained and is always close at hand to help you. The spa that you choose can really make a difference. So do some research before you start body wrapping.