Cellulite Creams The Never Ending Debate about its Effectiveness

When you look through your local general merchandise store’s beauty aisles, you will likely see about a zillion different anti-cellulite treatments. In fact, you can hardly even open a magazine without seeing an ad or two about cellulite creams. These creams have been around for years and are changing their compositions regularly. However, even though they have sustained for years, there is still no clear answer on whether they work or not. The truth is that the jury is mixed on the results. When you ask users of these creams, they say one thing. When you ask the experts about the creams, they say something else. Take a look at the typical responses of these two groups to get a better understanding of how well cellulite creams work.

What Users Say

When you come across cellulite sufferers that use cellulite creams, you will likely find people who use creams daily. In fact, they may have been through every cream on the market until they found their preferred cellulite cream. They will likely tell you however that cellulite creams do work. When used daily, the users will tell you that their cellulite looks less pronounced and they have great results. They will likely use their cellulite creams at least once a day, however many will use their cellulite creams in the morning and at night. Those who use cellulite creams love them!

What Experts Say

Now, when you ask the experts whether cellulite creams work for reducing cellulite’s appearance, they will almost always tell you they could not possibly work. In fact, most experts will tell you that since cellulite is actually fat cells trapped in the connective tissue, there is no way a cream could penetrate and help the issue. They claim that skin may look slightly better because the cream in hydrating the area well. However, they will be fast to tell you it is unlikely cellulite creams can help your cellulite. Their opinions are scientific, however with users disagreeing so loudly, they are not set in stone by any means.

Overall Advice

Since there are mixed reviews when it comes to cellulite creams, there is only one thing you can do. You can try them for yourself. If you are really interested in cellulite creams, start with one brand. Use it for two weeks as directed. If you don’t see results, try another one with different ingredients. Use it for two weeks, and so on. Keep trying them until you find one you like well. You may need to go through two or three before you find your match.

Don’t spend a bunch of money on these creams however, just in case they don’t work. They typically cost less than $15 each, which makes this an affordable experiment for you to take on. Do your research before hand to see which ones other people love. Ask your friends what they use. You may be able to get a good idea of where to begin when you take the advice from actual cellulite sufferers.