Cellulite Reversible The Real Story on Getting Rid of it

Cellulite has been a difficult problem for women for years. Every person has cellulite in varying degrees and in most cases; it seems to get worse as we age. However, we don’t just have to deal with cellulite. There are possibilities for fighting cellulite or at the very least the appearance of it. This is with several therapeutic treatments that are available today. However, treatment isn’t a one-time deal. If you stop your cellulite treatments, it will eventually return. That means that while cellulite can be treated it is an ongoing treatment that has to be incorporated as a part of your daily beauty regimen if you want a constant and lasting reversal of cellulite.

Some treatments for cellulite can be found over the counter and do an adequate job of reducing the appearance of cellulite. To get the most out of these products you should vigorously massage the area for a few minutes before applying the treatment. The massaging will help stimulate circulation in the affected areas while the treatment will help smooth and tighten the skin. The best ingredients to look for include caffeine and aminophylline. A lot of over the counter products have seaweed but this isn’t as effective as other ingredients.

In addition to topical treatments there is a procedure known as endermology, which has been known to produce results. Endermology is a large mechanical pressure device that has a process similar to a rolling pin flattening dough for cookies. The device kneads the problem areas with substantial pressure to break down the collagen bands and smooth the skin to give the area an even and toned appearance. The drawbacks to this treatment are that it is expensive and will require return visits if you want to maintain your appearance. In addition, the treatment can be slightly uncomfortable and a little painful with some temporary bruising.

Oral herbal and medicinal remedies are another option for those trying to remedy cellulite. However, there has been not significant proof from studies that these products will actually give you results. Therefore, it is a personal decision if you want to invest your money in these products on the chance you may see results. If you cellulite is hormonal in nature these treatments may work. However if it is related to age, diet, genetics and exercise then these treatments won’t do much good. In addition, it has been speculated that if your weight fluctuates frequently, if you eat a high fat diets, or if you drink an excess of carbonated beverages then this can cause cellulite as well.

Not matter what the cause of your cellulite it, if you want to minimize the appearance then you have many options out there for you. You can choose between the methods based on what’s effective for you and what you can afford. Cosmetic enhancement products are seeing new advancements every day so if nothing works yet or is to expensive then a new method will soon come along that will work for you.