Choosing a Home Acne Remedy

Finding a home acne remedy is not that difficult – almost anyone you meet will have tried and true method for getting rid of it. However, the problem comes with sorting through the fact and fiction of acne home cures. Unfortunately, while there is plenty that you can do to help relieve your acne symptoms, few of the acne home remedy “cures” actually do as they advertise.

There are several more common home remedies that you can try. Some people swear that rubbing fresh lemon juice on the affected areas before bedtime will help. It may be a bit painful, however, because of the acid in the juice. If you like tea, you can try drinking at least four cups of nettle tea daily, since this herb is thought to work well on skin problems. Many find the taste pretty bitter, however. Other people will tell you to make a paste out of honey and cinnamon that you can apply to your acne pimples to dry them out.

Of course, you can always take a look at the over the counter solutions for acne problems. Your local drugstore probably has half an aisle dedicated to different miracle cures. If you have been suffering from acne for some time though, you have probably already figured out that the majority of them do not work as well as they promise. You might get a lesser breakout, or have a breakout heal faster, but they keep coming back.

That is the problem with most acne cures – the cure is never permanent. For most people, a “cure” would be a total elimination of their acne so that it never came back. Few, if any, acne remedies that you buy at the store or try at home, can promise that. At best, they may reduce the number of breakouts that you have, but chances are you will still have breakouts from time to time.

Adult acne affects millions of people, and is one of the most common skin disorders. It is caused by inflammation of the skin. For many people, acne is a problem that they have as teenagers and eventually grow out of, but for others it continues into adulthood. While there are many things that can contribute to the acne problem, they are often not the underlying cause. And since many acne treatments and cures treat the symptoms, not the disorder, the acne keeps coming back.

The problem is that in order to cure your acne you have to discover the cause of the inflammation. To do this, you will more than likely need to see a dermatologist. Most of the remedies you can try on your own will help lessen the symptoms or hid the acne problems short term, but they are not going to get rid of it completely. Even antibiotics can only go so far since an infection only comes as a result of the acne. The inflammation is your main problem. Once you figure out the cause of the inflammation, your acne problems will resolve themselves.