Cinnamon and diabetes

Recently, an amazing connection was made between the usage of cinnamon and the prevention of some of the symptoms of diabetes! Known for a long time as a spice that helps with energy, cinnamon can be a low cost addition to help strengthen a diabetes regimen. Funded by the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation, or DAREF, Dr. Richard Anderson performed a study on the possible useful effects of cinnamon for diabetes at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center. Mr. Anderson was able to actually isolate the compound in cinnamon which is responsible for some of the great effects that cinnamon can have for a diabetic.

The compound, featuring specific Type-A polymers, was found to effectively lower blood sugar in those with diabetes. In addition, the polymers were found to decrease a patient’s total cholesterol by up to 26 percent. Low density lipoproteins which are commonly known as the bad type of cholesterol were lowered 10 to 24 percent by the intake of the polymers, and triglycerides decreased by 23 to 30 percent.

This research is of resounding importance to those that are afflicted with diabetes. What may be more important regarding this discovery are the effects that this compound can have on the millions of people who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It can help to delay the onset of diabetes, and can give you time to learn about the condition and how to keep it from taking a significant toll on your health.

The polymers found in cinnamon were found to help diabetics in two specific ways; first, the compound was found to make the enzymes that may be responsible for insulin resistance decrease their effects. This is of utmost importance for those with Type II diabetes which often have an insulin resistance problem to blame for their condition. Secondly, when taking the compound, patients were found to have an increased sensitivity to insulin in their body, helping insulin be distributed more effectively. The polymers that were extracted from this study are now clinically available, and have been patented as the compound known as Cinnulin PF. This water-soluble extract is the only compound of this type that has been approved.

There are many different supplements that contain the Cinnulin PF compound, and it shouldn’t be hard to find. It is important to note that you absolutely SHOULD NOT consume heavy amounts of normal cinnamon to try to get these effects. In high doses, cinnamon has been found to be toxic due to a fat soluble component it contains. If you are unable to purchase one of the supplements that contains Cinnulin PF, a quarter to a full teaspoon of cinnamon can be taken to help your health. One way of making this supplement more tolerable would be to add it to drinks such as milkshakes or tea. While cinnamon is one of the key ingredients in apple pie, this food should be avoided for the most part due to its fat and sugar content.