Climbing Stairs – Alternative Approach To Curb The Arthritis Problem

Illness of arthritis is associated with joints and bones. The ailment causes pain and swelling in the joints of the bones. Further it also leads to inflammation and stiffness of the joints. The stiffness other joints can lead to serious consequences such as a faulty posture. Several medicines and treatments have developed to cure this painful disorder of joints. However, if the medications are supported with alternative approaches such as diet and exercising treatment can be faster. Similarly there are few habits, if developed can be effective on arthritis. One such habit is climbing stairs.

Benefits of climbing stairs

Climbing stairs though seems to be a low profile and unnecessary activity it can help greatly in combating arthritis.

1. Reducing stress

Climbing stairs is a good activity if one wants to reduce his/her body weight. Lots of calories get burn while climbing up and down the stairs. Extra body weight adds extra pressure on the joints, hips, knees and the ankle, which aggravates the pain. Thus to reduce the stress on the joints climbing stairs will be a great exercise.

2. Joints become strong

Since climbing stairs involves a great use of joints both knee and ankle, it proves a great exercise for both. Exercise is very crucial to strengthen the joints. Further climbing stairs also enhances the flexibility of the joints.

3. Helpful in combating stiffness

Climbing stairs involves extensive movement of knee and ankle joints. This movement is extremely essential to enhance the flexibility of the joints and making the bones supple. This movement as a result prevents the joint from getting stiff, which is one of the major causes of pain and swelling.

4. Convenient way of exercise

Climbing stairs is wonderful exercise for those who are busy and don’t find much time to exercise. Climbing stairs one can do anywhere, office, home or even at an outing. In fact it can be described as a disguised exercise, as you are not exercising for its meaning but still are getting all benefits of exercising.

Climbing stairs has multiple benefits, thus developing a habit of climbing stairs will help in effectively preventing problems of arthritis.