Colon Cleansers, Colonic Irrigation, and Quackery

At this point in time everyone with even the least bit of understanding knows that John Wayne did not have 40 pounds of fecal matter in his colon at the time of his death and that he did not die as a result of this non-existent buildup of feces. Yet the foregoing notwithstanding, the quacks are still out in full force busily citing this Internet hoax that has been making the rounds ever since the Duke waved his last goodbye. For those who are still not convinced, consider the fact that Mr. Wayne was never autopsied, thus it would have been impossible to ascertain just how much fecal matter buildup he had in his colon – if any.

In spite of knowing better, Internet quacks are busy using Mr. Wayne and scare tactics to convince consumes that they will need to undergo lengthy colon cleansing procedures and regimens. Some last as long as two months, and then need to be repeated every two months! If you consider the cost of the supplements needed – which are conveniently available for sale from the websites that post all the hype – you will be able to quickly understand just why the manufacturers and pushers are so interested in having you come back for more.

At this point the quacks are adding insult to injury by not only marketing allegedly natural colon cleanses but also by busily advertising colonic irrigation. A bit akin to power washing your colon, the idea is that a certified colon hydro-therapist will insert a speculum and two hoses into your anus and then gently flush out the cavity while using the speculum to scrape the colon. One hose will bring the water into your colon while the other one is supposed to suction out the fecal matter.

Sometimes referred to as a high colonic, this power washing is notably different from your garden variety enema because of the fact that is forces an astonishing amount of water into the intestines and does so under the power of a machine that propels it. 20 to 30 gallons are used to flush, liquefy and flush some more during the course of the session.

Sadly, colonic irrigation is a serious procedure that could result in the death of the patient. For this reason alone such devices are not supposed to be marketed to individuals but only to properly trained therapists who know how to operate them. Of course, on the Internet everything is for sale and thus it is not surprising to find the machinery needed for colonic irrigation to be ready for shipment in a smidgen! The reality showcases the unsuccessful colonic irrigation will result in illness or even death because of the potential of puncturing the intestines, thus permitting bacteria to invade the abdominal cavity and also the blood. In addition to the foregoing, electrolytes are quickly and easily flushed out of the system, thus leaving the nervous system and by extension the brain without the needed chemicals to keep functioning as indicated. Granted, colon cleanses are a worthwhile regimen when done under the supervision of a doctor. Similarly, they will help you to shed a buildup of fecal matter that may contain toxins and bacteria which leech more toxins into your body. Yet they only work when done properly and non-invasively!