Colon Cleansing Tips

Our lives go on even during colon cleansing so it is important to learn ways of making the process easier when at work or when traveling. Here are a few tips that may help the process go a little easier.

Those who wonder about how we get parasites into our system – parasites can be ingested by eating unwashed vegetables that have eggs on them or by eating undercooked meat. Soil also contains larvae that can be absorbed through the skin so people who walk around barefooted can pick up larvae this way; or kids who play in dirt can pick them up under fingernails or through bare skin.

Food triggers can lead to constipation, migraines, and also swelling. Colon cleansing can minimize or eliminate some of these food sensitivities.

Some individuals have experienced bloating or discomfort in the beginning of the cleansing process or even later on in the process. Other individuals have experienced flu-like symptoms during the process. These symptoms can sometimes be awkward to have while working. Taking vitamin C once a day can help relive some of these symptoms.

While traveling during a colon cleanse, it may help to carry pre-measured mix in individual baggies or cling wrap instead of carrying around a large bottle of fiber.

It is essential to drink extra water while cleansing. A minimum of 10 glasses of plain water a day is good. Some drink as much as 2 liters of water each day while doing the colon cleansing.

It is important not to steep the tea for too long; perhaps just 1 minute and 30 seconds for the first two weeks.

Make sure you drink 2 liters of plain water every day or flat mineral water if you like that.

Some good side effects from doing the colon cleansing:

Having regular bowel movements

Acne clearing up

Sleeping through the night

Candida clearing up

Less allergies

Increased energy level

No longer suffering from constipation

Hemorrhoids cleared up

A few individuals on one of the forums mentioned having “Colonix headaches”, these clear up with Tylenol. Getting a good night’s sleep and exercise also help relieve headaches.

Like any healthy program, it takes commitment and patience to see the results you are looking for.

Having a support system really helps too. Find people who share your belief in the product you are using. There are many forums on the Internet devoted to individuals who are using colon cleansing products, search for one and join in.

Do your homework and investigate any product or program before starting it. Ask your healthcare professional about any product or program before using it.