Colon Massage Instead Of Colon Cleanse?

Consumers who look into colon cleanses are quite frequently turned off by the cost. After all, spending between $49.99 and 129.99 for a bottle of supplements that are simply designed to have you do number two is not something many a hard worker is willing to pay for. Add to this the fact that the prevailing thought process of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” still applies to health and overall wellness, and you can quickly ascertain why colon health is so often neglected. As a matter of fact, many a consumer does not even think about the colon until there is a severe health problem associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, the presence of such symptoms also signal that the window of opportunity for the administration of colon cleanses has in fact closed.

For those who are wondering about the effectiveness of a colon cleanse or who simply do not want to spend the kind of money it takes to purchase the supplements, there is an alternative that is not often discussed: colon massage. While it sounds gross, you will be gratified to read that it actually does not involve any contact with the nether regions of your body. Instead, you can simply massage your abdomen. The steps themselves are quite simple:

  1. Lie down on the floor or couch and use some massage oil or baby oil and lubricate your abdomen.
  2. Begin on the right side – the same side where your appendix is to be found – and then gently move the tip of your fingers in clockwise, circular motions. You want to move up toward the bottom of your ribcage.
  3. When you reach the ribcage, gently continue massaging your abdomen while moving your hands to the left side. Now move the hands down, all the while massaging.
  4. After completing one cycle and if there was no pain associated with the procedure, you may repeat it and apply more pressure this time around.

The thought process behind the colon massage instead of colon cleanse rests in the notion that the position the average consumer takes when evacuating fecal matter from the bowels is not conducive to actually achieving a complete elimination and instead only permits for a partial voiding of only the most pressing matter. The rest remains in the intestines until the next urge is felt yet once again only partial voiding takes place. Thus, a colon massage is said to create the urge to eliminate the remaining fecal matter even if there is no other matter pressing from the inside to eliminate the substance.

By and large it is questionable if this approach can truly supplant the use of colon cleansers, but in conjunction with a healthy diet and a regular colon cleansing regimen, a colon massage does appear to be a valuable tool in the quest for colon and gastrointestinal health. On a side note, remember to always move from the right to the left side, since a reversal could actually be causing fecal matter to be pushed in the wrong direction.