Combat stiffness – Make Bones Supple To Fight Arthritis

Arthritis refers to disorder of bones. Arthritis mainly leads to pain and inflammation in joints of the bones. Further the disorder also damages the joints and leads to stiffness of joints. The stiffness often leads to a faulty body postures. To curb the arthritis problem it is very important to prevent stiffness of bones. The best way to combat stiffness of bones is to reduce the stress over bones and exercising. Stress in case of arthritis refers to physical stress which is resultant of extra body weight. Read through to know different ways to combat stiffness.

Manage weight to combat stiffness

Being over weight is can be a great problem for those suffering with arthritis or are experiencing any similar symptoms. Excess body weight adds stress on hips, knee and ankles, which aggravates the arthritis pain. Diet is one the most prime issues that one needs to consider in case of such stress. The best way to control weight is by reducing consumption of foods that have high content of carbohydrates and sugars. Fatty foods add to calories and which increase body weight adding to stress on the joints. Further, make sure that you follow a nutritional diet. Nutrients such as calcium, minerals, and vitamins are crucial for making the bones strong and supple.

Exercising to combat stiffness

Exercising is best way one can keep his or her bones and joints supple. Further, exercising is the best approach for combating stiffness. Exercising ensures proper movement of bones and joints. There are various forms of exercising that have specialized approach to arthritis. Yoga is one the most preferred form of exercise. Yoga offers special asana and postures that help in reducing stiffness of bones thus reducing or completely eliminate the symptoms of arthritis.

Thus to combat stiffness arising due to arthritis one needs to take special care of diet and exercising. Proper nutritional supplements make the bones strong and more flexible. Exercising on the other hand assist in proper movement of the joints thus loosing the bones and making them supple. To get rid of pain arising due arthritis it is very important that one takes necessary care for prevent stiffness.