Comfort with Aromatherapy

Grief is categorized as overwhelming despair and sadness. It may be triggered by the death of a close friend or loved one. Grief can be very debilitating and can lead to anxiety problems such as fear, panic attacks, and clinical depression. A broken heart can lead to sickness, illness, and disease. When a person becomes troubled by overwhelming circumstances that leads to grief, sorrow, and pain this will take a toll on the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. The physical body is affected as well. It may seem strange to realize that grief can lead to sickness but its true. The Immune System will become sluggish, weakened, and slow and this causes the body for sickness and disease to enter in.

As you can see, it is vitally important to overcome grief for the health and well-being of the body as a whole. A wounded heart may seem unbearable but there is hope. The important thing is to not isolate yourself because of your grief. You must spend time with those who care about you, and let them help you through this difficult time. If you feel that the grief becomes so overwhelming that you begin to think about suicide or death you must seek help immediately. You may be entering into Clinical Depression and this is very serious. Seek the help of a trained professional who can provide you with counseling and help you through your grief. It is important to remember that it will get easier, no matter what it seems like now, as the saying goes, “This too shall pass.”

Life is a journey and there are many different mountains and valleys. Sometimes we need to remember that brighter days are still to come, but the important thing is to talk to those who you trust. Keep the door of communication open wide and as time passes, and you share your feelings, you will begin to see the grief lessen and you will learn how to deal with it.

Tools such as meditation and prayer can begin to bring healing to your broken heart. Scientific studies have shown that prayer is a powerful tool. By using the tools that you have available to you, you can find comfort in trying times.

Aromatherapy can help to relax you when you are feeling overburdened and in need of comfort. Playing some beautiful music can be soothing as well. You may need to take a nice hot aromatic bath, light some candles, and relax to some comforting music. This may be spiritual songs, or songs of nature such as ocean waves and birds.

A powerful herb that will help soothe your mind and promote calmness is Mandarin Palmarosa. You can add 20 drops of Palmarosa to your bath water for a nice calming and soothing bath. Make sure that you soak for at least 20 minutes. As always, follow the safety precautions on the label of the essential oil. You can also blend Palmarosa with Rose, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, and Bergamot. To add these to your bath, decrease the Palmarosa to ten drops and add ten drops of one of the other essential oils.