Consumption Of Green Tea

Arthritis is one of the most enveloping diseases and is the leading cause of the disability. It is estimated by the researchers that one out of three has arthritis. Arthritis is a chronic disease that lasts for a long time and there is a possibility for it to remain for the rest of your life. The treatments will probably change the over time and the medication may be adjusted. There are also certain home recepies that you can follow in order to prevent arthritis. One of the simple ways to keep away arthritis is consumption of green tea. Green tea is very useful and effect full for arthritis.

Green tea research

Green tea has many benefits. It helps fighting many heath conditions, also arthritis. Green tea consumption helps preventing arthritis. The antioxidants that include in the green tea, help reducing the incidence and severity of the rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers used mice to study the effects of the polyphenols in arthritis, which is characterized by the inflammation, pain, swelling, and joint destruction. The examination of the joint tissue microscopically revealed marginal infiltration of the joints cells of the mice in which that was performed, receiving form the green tea in contrast with massive infiltration in the mice not fed green tea. The effect of the green tea appeared remarkable on the arthritis. Arthritis can be managed through a combination of medication, exercise, rest, weight management, nutrition, and sometimes surgery. The home remedies work, being effective on the health conditions.


More than five hundred years of studies have been conducted in the recent years that have researched the potential health benefits of the green tea. Green tea has been useful for arthritis and it is used for many years as being effective. This brew, tea, has been used for the medicinal purpose since old days. Scientific findings have linked green tea consumption to help slowing down or the prevention of many health conditions, also arthritis. The green tea consumption benefits the patients by reducing the degradation of the cartilage. The green tea catechins prevent collagen breakdown. Green tea consumption prevents from arthritis by reducing the inflammation and slowing the cartilage breakdown.