Copper Bracelet

Copper assists in the formation of red blood cells and keeps bones healthy, thereby avoiding arthritis. Humans contain 75-150 mg copper and require 3 mg copper per day and it is not achieved with modern diet. Copper is essential for the production and generation of the cartilage between the bone surfaces. So, the use of copper bracelets is advocated. They provide a means of treating arthritis in a 100% natural and risk free mode.

Mechanism of Use

Use of copper bracelets for arthritis pain alleviation is an ancient folk therapy. It is thought that the skin absorbs copper and that relieves the pain. Some claim that the copper dissolves in the perspiration and thereby enters the skin. It is due to this absorption that a greenish color appears. Others are of the view that the electrical charges created on the skin move along the acupuncture meridians. Some have the opinion that copper increases the blood flow and carries more oxygen to the inflamed area. The underlying principle is to transport Copper to the arthritis affected area. The maintenance of the quantity of Copper at the joints, results in strengthening of the bones and formation of cartilage. In this way, a person affected by arthritis can overcome it. Normal persons, not having arthritis, use copper bracelets to avoid being attacked by the disease. People suffering from both type of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo) find copper bracelets useful. Study proves that they are more effective than placebo bracelets. Copper bracelets have side effects of easily reversible skin discoloration and infrequent skin irritation with those who have a metal allergy.


Studies show that they are as effective as standard drugs used to treat arthritis. There are also some testimonials that copper bracelets do decrease arthritis pain. Also scientific proof has been found that copper breaks down and is absorbed through the skin. If they contain some zinc they are more effective in treating arthritis pain. Copper bracelets have an edge over dietary copper compounds. Those having gastrointestinal disorders cannot absorb copper efficiently when taken orally. Also age connected physiological changes reduce copper absorption and oral copper compounds can lead to nausea and vomiting.