Definition Of Aerobics

What does aerobic mean?
The word aerobic means with oxygen or with air or exercise that increases oxygen. It is an effective physical exercise which is often done to music and apart from staying power even strength, flexibility, and coordination are trained. Aerobic exercises are very useful for your cardiovascular system, maintaining your weight, keeping you fit and these are the prime advantages. Aerobics is very popular with women who do it together in a group following an instructor or alone in front of the television so aerobics can be done at home also.

Which are the aerobic activities?

Aerobic activity enables your body to burn calories and effective weight loss is possible with moderate intensity aerobic workout rather than short-term and high intensity activities such as sprints. An aerobic workout trains your lungs to process more air with less effort and your heart to pump more blood with fewer beats and hence this increases cardiovascular efficiency and endurance. Other than the obvious physical benefits, aerobic exercise improves your mood, relieves you from stress and reduces depression and anxiety which keeps you happy.

Some examples of aerobic activities are:
* Jogging
* Swimming
* Brisk walking
* Bicycling
* Running
* Ice-skating
* Aerobic dancing
* Rowing
* Walking
And many others are there. From all these walking is considered to be the best aerobic exercise because it is easy, cheap and safe. While walking you don’t require any other equipment except good shoes.

Benefits of aerobics:
* It helps to control or maintain weight.
* It increases endurance.
* The heart enlarges and also increases its blood stroke volume.
* It helps to increase good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol.
* More efficient for cardiovascular system and also gives faster recovery after exercise.
* Reduces risk in developing diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. But heart patients must consult a doctor and then start aerobics.
* Increases efficiency of heart and reduces blood pressure.
* Also reduces perception of effort.
* Increases resistance of fatigue and extra energy and stamina.
* Improves the quality of sleep.