Diet During Treatment Of Candidasis

Candida is a present in everyone’s body. It is present in minor quantities in the oral cavity, digestive tracts, and intestinal tracts. However in some cases the Candida can become infected. This leads to a growth of yeast in the affected areas. This condition is known as Candidasis. This can in some cases be a painful affliction that requires immediate and adequate medical attention. It is heartening to note that with adequate medical attention, and an appropriate diet accompanying the treatment, it is possible to rid yourself of this condition. Below are listed some of the diets that can be followed during the course of your treatment.

Cauliflower Pakora: This is a snack prepared with a mixture of a variety of vegetables and is absolutely free of any wheat.

Coconut Ice and Kulfi: This preparation is a typical Indian sweet dish. This is not an ice cream in the traditional sense; however it is a refreshing change to your diet.

Dal Fry: This dish is a lentil preparation. It is easy and quick preparation that will not keep you in the kitchen for hours together.

Ensalada Di Pimienta: This is a dish that is native to Spain. If prepared in the manner prescribed, it retains the delicious flavor of the lightly roasted pepper and can be used as an accompaniment to almost all your meals.

Mango Lassi: This is a refreshing option to the oppressive weather of summer. It is a cooling drink to consume.

Papas a lo Pobre: This is the staple diet of peasant farmers in Andalusia. This preparation is a mix potatoes and peppers.

Raj’s Spinach: This is a dish that is typical part of the culinary inheritance of Rajasthan. This dish is only moderately spicy and hence breaks the traditional and misguided belief that all Indian curries are necessarily spicy.

These are just few of the recipes that you can safely supplement your diet with during the treatment of Candidasis. The entire recipes for the above mentioned preparations are available on the internet. However it is important to consult your local physician before embarking on any particular diet.