Dietary Supplements – Change The Way You Eat

Arthritis is a joint problem. Normally the disorder leads to pain and inflammation in the joints of the bones. There are various approaches that can help one to get rid of the painful arthritis. However, dietary supplements are the ideal approach towards the problem. Dietary supplements provide internal strength and protection to the body and bones. A balanced diet is the only key to a healthy life and pain free life.


Calcium is one the most important nutrients needed to control and curb arthritis. Calcium is vital nutrient that strengthens the bones of the body. Arthritis as being a disorder of bones calcium thus is very crucial. For obtaining calcium is dieticians recommend intake of milk, green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits such as banana.


Minerals are also important for controlling and curbing arthritis. It is advisable to eat foods, which are rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, boron and selenium. For sufficient supplements of minerals one should focus on intake of foods such as fish, fruits, milks, even green leafy vegetables are also good supplement of minerals. On the other hand, to maintain the balance of nutrients in the body it is advisable to control the consumptions of foods that obstruct the absorption process of minerals. Tea and coffee are one the most common food items, intake of which should be controlled.


Vitamins are also important for the well being of bones and to prevent arthritis. Vitamin A, B –complex, C, beta-carotene, bioflavonoids, and E are very important as they have natural anti-oxidant properties that help to control certain level of inflammation caused due to arthritis. Thus it is recommended to consume foods that are rich in nutrients.

Dietary supplements also includes preventing intake f certain foods such as oily and foods with high calories. Food with high content of carbohydrates and sugar should be avoided, as they are high on calories. Calories add to fats in the body, which eventually leads to weight gain and additional pressure on the bones. A balanced diet provides with all the necessary nutrients required for the body. Further they don’t add weight thus strengthen the body without adding weight but power.