Discover The Acupressure Meridians In Your Body

Acupressure meridians are comparable to the blood circulation system of the body performing similar functions such as cleansing and purifying the body. Their size and strength are varied. The two main meridians are the governor and the main meridian:

The governor Meridian:
The governor meridian ensures energy flow up your back. The governor begins at the perineum (the point between the anus and genitals), crosses the anus to the tip of the coccyx, ascending spines of the vertebrae, over the head, and down across the tip of the nose, the upper lip, and finally ends on the gun between the incisor teeth. The main governor meridian points include the upper lip, third eye, head, and the back of the neck, cervical vertebrae and the tip of coccyx.

The main Meridian:
The main meridian progresses from just below the lower lip, and moves downward along the midline of the body, eventually ending in the genitals. The main meridian points include the lower lip, base of the neck, centre of the chest, solar plexus, between naval and the pubic bone, and the genitals.

It is essential for all these points to be activated in order to ensure maximum energy flow. It is essential to follow the underlying principle of trying to do good, hence keeping your energy in balance emotionally. Ensuring any painful sensations are not exerted is very essential during the process. The time that may vary from 5 to 30 minutes, required to activate the meridian points by way of touch will differ from person to person.

It is important to note that besides these various meridian points mentioned above there are a number of smaller and inconspicuous points in different parts of the body. The activation of all these points must be undertaken with utmost care. It should be ensured that the entire process does not cause overall discomfort and hence it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the meridian points and only then initiate the process of their “activation”.