Disguising Cellulite Some Tricks to hide those Backside Dimples

Many ways to hide backside dimples caused by cellulite. Since there is no eliminate or prevent cellulite, women have devised ways to hide cellulite. Cellulite, which is caused by cells that produce lumps of fat underneath the skins surface, is considered unattractive by today’s standards. In the age of thin women, cellulite has no room in most people’s lives. Unfortunately, there is no way to curb the development of cellulite. Thought to be brought on by genetics, it is luck of the draw as to who will have to live with cellulite and who will not. Cellulite is not determined by a person’s current weight and will not be influenced by how a person eats or how much exercise they engage in. Though a proper diet mixed with exercise will help reduce the appearance of cellulite slightly, they are by no means a cure or a way to prevent cellulite from appearing.

Some tricks women employ to hide cellulite especially at places where they might wear less clothing, like the beach include wearing a wrap over their bathing suit. This wrap can conceal the backside and hide cellulite. Very popular at the beach as a cover-up used while lounging or bathing, a wrap can cover up a larger rear as well as cellulite. Other tricks include wearing Capri pants to the beach, boy cut bikini bottoms, or wrapping a towel around themselves after getting out of the water. Many women will not go into the water. They will stay in a lounge chair.
When wearing a skirt, many women will choose longer skirts that do no show off their thighs. There are many lengths available and people do not question why a woman would wear a longer skirt to work, or out for an evening. This is a great way to hide cellulite. When wearing a shorter skirt, women will wear darker panty hose which will hide any cellulite. This can be very useful in the evening. Others will choose to wear pants.

Covering up their cellulite is the only way some women can fight it. Some treatments are very expensive and there is limited evidence that any of it really works over long periods of time. Many treatments require multiple trips to the dermatologist which can also become very expensive. This is why some women have become very good at hiding cellulite that has formed on their backside. Since there is no cure for it as of now, they are looking for ways of hiding it through covering it with clothing and other items.

Someday there will be a cure for cellulite. Women will not linger have to hide their cellulite from others by wearing extra clothing or having treatments that will reduce the appearance of it. Genetic research is close to finding the gene which causes cellulite. This will help women win the battle against cellulite once and for all. Hiding cellulite by wearing long skirts, sweaty panty hose, and wraps over swimsuits will be a thing of the past.