Do It Yourself Acupressure

Acupressure is a therapy, by which many mild diseases can be treated. In this technique, some pressure points are prescribed that exists in every body. These pressure points even exist in the animals. According to the beliefs in this therapy, if some pressure is applied to these points, then many diseases can be cured. It is the simplest therapy to treat many diseases. Scientific researches have proved that this therapy is very effective to treat many diseases. Acupressure has a long history. The origin of this therapy is considered to be in china some 5000 years ago. It is believed that acupressure originated out of the natural human instinct to hold or rub a place on the body that hurts. Acupressure has gained much popularity in last two decades. A lot of people in US use these techniques against many mild diseases.

How does acupressure help you to cure diseases?
According the ancient Chinese belief the health is considered to be a constantly changing flow of energy from one part of the body to another part of the body. It is believed that when this constant flow of energy is interrupted or changes, then the body loses the balance and a person falls sick. In the therapy of acupressure, the physician tries to release this energy from a block, by way of stimulating the body. For this purpose the physician applies some amount of pressure on the pressure points prescribed by the therapy. Generally fingers and needles are used in acupressure. This therapy has given some amazing results.

How to do it by yourself
As it is stated, that acupressure is a very simple therapy. It is that simple that any person without the help of any person can apply acupressure. There is a chart available in the market or if it is not available, you can check it on the Internet. This acupressure chart provides for the pressure point for the specific diseases on which the pressure should be applied. If you are in pain or suffering from any diseases, you can apply the pressure by yourself. This is the most important feature of this therapy, that a patient himself can perform the treatment.