Do Not Be Misled By the Name: The Water Diet Is a Great Asset to Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse is a procedure that seeks to cleanse the colon from fecal matter that has not been flushed out in perhaps years or maybe even decades. The buildup of such fecal matter happens gradually, but just like a clogged sink begins with that one fat molecule that attaches itself to the inner lining of the pipe, so does the colon get clogged because of poor food choices so many make on a daily basis. If you eat a diet rich in whole grain and organic vegetables, the odds are good that you do not need to visit the health food store aisle that houses colon cleanse supplements. On the other hand, if your diet consists mainly of fast food, fatty meats, limp veggies that have been overcooked to within an inch of their solid consistency, and sugary snacks as well as sodas that rob the body of important hydration, then you most likely will need to become well acquainted with that particular section of the health food store.

Most natural colon cleanser contain a mix of herbs that act as fiber supplement, laxative, and probiotic restorer for the health of the gut flora that ensure proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Obviously, this procedure should only be done rarely and only when you notice symptoms that might point to clogging of the colon. Yet after the colon cleanse, it is advisable to make some lifestyle changes that will ensure the continued health of your newly cleansed colon. Do not be misled by the name: the water diet is a great asset to colon-cleanse users!

Even though it implies subsistence on water and air, there is a lot more to it! As a matter of fact, it encourages the ingestion of healthy food items, such as they might be found in a macrobiotic diet, yet at the same time it advocates the drinking of clean water before the meal, during the meal, and also after the meal. Consider the fact that a glass of water before the meal will make you feel a bit fuller – you know that you will not be going back for seconds! Thus, the glass of water drunk before eating protects you from overindulging. The glass of water drunk during the meal ensures that the food you are eating is easily digestible by your body. No longer will your gastrointestinal tract have to fight in order to break down the nutrients, but instead the nutrients will be readily available. This will lead to a quicker elimination of fecal matter from the body and less hard feces to be adhering to the inner linings of the intestines, thus necessitating another colon cleanse. The glass of water drunk after the meal will ensure that you do not ruin a healthy meal with a sugary desert that overshadows any health benefit that might have been enjoyed because of the nutritious meal. You will feel full, satisfied even if you have eaten less calories than you normally would; your intestines will absorb the maximum amounts of nutrients, and your colon health is practically ensured. So go ahead and give this healthy water diet a try!