Emu Oil For Arthritis


Aborigines have been using Emu oil to overcome pain due to inflammation of joints for a long time. In a survey it was noticed that arthritis was absent in Aboriginal tribes while 10% of modern Australians had it. Dr. Peter Ghosh is mainly responsible to convert Emu oil from a folk cure to a medical wonder.

Properties and use

Emu oil does not have any side effects. It provides an Arthritis Pain Reduction when used continuously for 14 days. It provides an Arthritic Swelling Reduction when used perpetually for 17 days. It has unique therapeutic features. It is highly moisturizing, skin softening and revitalizing. It does not make the skin greasy. It is proved that this oil is the deepest and fastest penetrating oil. So, it is used as a trans-dermal carrier for moisturizers or therapeutic constituents. It carries these products deep inside the skin. It is non-poisonous and does not block pores. The oil is anti-inflammatory and effects can be compared with ibuprofen. It does not enhance the growth of bacteria. It does not cause skin irritation. It naturally consists of Vitamin E (antioxidant and healing mediator), Vitamin A (skin repairer and antioxidant), Linoleic acid (for muscle aches and joint pain), Oleic acid (anti-wrinkle agent and skin cell regenerator), Sapogen (skin softener) and Terpines (antiseptic). Due to this combination, Emu oil reduces joint pain, muscular pain, stiffness of joints and swelling around joints. It assuages the distress of arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and other conditions causing inflammation.


Some of the grades of Emu Oil are – Crude, Once Refined (Grade B) and Fully Refined (Grade A). The oil is to be massaged to the arthritis affected joints thrice daily. If that does not reduce the arthritis pain, it can be applied as many times as felt necessary. Emu oil is combined with MSM (sulfur) in a soothing pure Aloe Vera Gel base. The Emu oil assists in carrying the MSM deep inside the skin to relieve pain quickly. If it contains some menthol it increases blood circulation. It is useful not only for arthritis but also body pain.