Escaping Bad Breath with Your Wallet Intact

The scams that promise sweet, fresh breath if you only purchase a certain lozenge, tincture, or toothpaste are legion. Some purport to be natural and holistic while others bank on the fear of the social stigma to part consumers from their heart earned dollars. In the end, escaping bad breath with any of these remedies is virtually impossible.

It is easy to understand why most of these scams simply do not work: bad breath is a natural occurrence that is compounded when certain dental hygiene tasks are not performed. Bad breath is little more than the scent of sulfuric compounds that are created by bacteria that live in the human mouth. These bacteria are essential to digestion and therefore cannot be avoided or eradicated.

When the bacteria build up past the point of necessity, the sulfuric emissions stemming from their digestive processes become noticeable to those near and dear to the person in whose mouth they reside; it is a simple mathematic equation: the more bacteria there are in the mouth actively breaking down food, the more sulfuric compounds are released. The more sulfuric compounds are released, the more noticeable the smell of the breath.

Breath mints, breath strips, and even the little drops on the tongue that are supposed to do away with the smell of bad breath are really little more than temporary masks put on the problem of an unfettered bacterial population digesting food. None of these products alone will do away with the root cause of the bad breath and while they temporarily neutralize the scent, the duration of the relief is very short indeed.

To escape bad breath with your wallet intact, it is essentially only necessary to remove the bacteria throughout the day. This is done by washing them away with saliva, brushing the teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, flossing in between the teeth to remove them from there, and also scraping the tongue to remove the buildup of bacteria there.

Brushing in the morning and evening, brushing after meals, and also flossing after meals is a considered the quintessential means of removing the food stuffs bacteria in the mouth feed on long after the meal is eaten, and the periodic removal of the bacteria themselves leads to the reduction in sulfuric compounds that are emitted.

Breath strips, breath-mints and other little breath sweeteners do have their place, of course, but only in between tooth brushing when you want a quick breath neutralizer before stepping up on a podium or entering a train car. They cannot substitute for the kind of rigorous dental hygiene that gets rid of food particles and bacterial buildup.

Last but not least, regular dental checkups, twice a year at least, ensure that there is no bacterial buildup below the gum line. The dental hygienist removes the bacteria which may have built up in spite of your rigorous at home hygiene, and you are certain to not need the various gadgets and drops to make the breath come out sweet smelling.