Fat and Cellulite The Same or Different?

Fat and cellulite are different in many ways. When small pockets develop just under the skins surface, many people immediately think it is fat which can be removed through diet and exercise. This is not the case. For many women, cellulite is here to stay. There are not miracle cures that will make the cellulite disappear. There are many creams and lotions that claim to make cellulite go away, but their claims are usually not true. Massage therapies claim similar results, but for many women, their cellulite remains a problem. Liposuction works for only a small percentage of women. So what is cellulite and how can it be removed from the body?

The differences between body fat and cellulite are many. Cellulite is found just underneath the surface of the skin above muscle and body fat. Body fat is found on the muscle and bones and can be lessened through diet and exercise. Body fat is stored as energy that should be used throughout the day. When the fat is not used, it accumulates which results in weight gain. Unhealthy weight gain can result in a myriad of health problems as a person ages. This is way living a healthy lifestyle is so important. Cellulite on the other hand, will not cause any major health issues. This is fat that is produced by skin cells, not fat that is stored up from the consumption of food. Cellulite will not be used for energy. It is just there and more cells can produce it throughout one’s lifetime. It is a hereditary condition.

Body fat can be reduced, but cellulite cannot by simply eating properly and exercising. While diet and exercise can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, people who are in good physical condition could still experience the effects of cellulite. There are many different treatment options available to women who have the means to try to reduce cellulite. So far, there has been little documented proof that these treatments will permanently erase cellulite. Treatments can be very expensive and not give people the results they are looking for. Sometimes multiple treatments may be required which will cost even more money. It is best to research all treatment possibilities before spending money on ones that will not work. Talk with friends and family to see if there are treatments that might yield a result. Visit a dermatologist to see if treatments are an option and which ones they would recommend.

Cellulite plagues many women and men all over the world. Even though there are treatment options, many people have to live with cellulite. Unlike body fat, which can be reduced, many people feel helpless. Exercise and diet will help reduce the appearance of cellulite which will make a person feel better about themselves in other ways as well. Having a positive self image and being fit will take some of the attention off of the cellulite. People will see a person that takes care of their body instead of a person who is suffering from cellulite.