Fibromyalgia And Candida

Fibromyalgia is the type of disease that still disables and mystifies the physician and doctors all over the world. Widespread muscle pain and localized tender trigger points along with insomnia, fatigue, and such minor things are very minor symptoms. The symptoms also include number of correlated things with fibromyalgia such as anaerobic cellular metabolism, Growth Hormone deficiency and other hormonal imbalance, candida overgrowth, nutritional imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, sleep disorder, ligament laxity, and allergy and food or chemical sensitivities. The multitude of theories suggests that there is no answer, and that fibromyalgia may be a multifactor phenomenon.

It always necessary to search for underlying causes whenever possible in order to avoid simply suppressing the symptoms, and usually we will test for hormones, heavy metals, and allergy and sensitivities. Chemicals such as various fumes, colognes, and tobacco smoke, and artificial sweeteners often show up as possible causative factors on comprehensive blood testing. Sometimes patient may be sensitive to the effect of a chemical without showing up the blood testing. One such example is aspartame sensitivity, which is not an uncommon cause of fibromyalgia syndrome and other joint symptomatology. About 10% of the total aspartame sensitive group had joint symptomatology and that was resolved when aspartame was discontinued. But recurred when it was reintroduced. Females outnumbered males, and the ration of females to the male is 3 to 1. Whether formal testing is done or not, any patient with rheumatic complaints ought to have a trial elimination diet that removes commonly eaten foods, including artificial sweeteners. When the other factors those listed have been considered and ruled out or are being concurrently treated. Further treatment of musculoskeletal sore spots with Prolotherapy will get significant relief of symptoms. Muscle trigger points results in secondary strain to underlying weak ligaments around the nearby joints. Prolotherapy tackles this underlying weakness itself. Greater than 75% of severe fibromyalgia patients saw reduced pain and increased functional capability after Prolotherapy. Since then it is a relatively known treatment.

Candida Yeast is the fungal overgrowth, which is found to be a common occurrence in many disorders and is present in millions of other people. There are different types of candidiasis on the basis of their occurrence.