Fighting Parasitic Infections with Colon Cleanses

Do you have parasites living in your intestines? Those living in America will usually answer this question with a nervous laugh and a somewhat decided negative, but you can tell that they are not really sure. Indicators that you might have a parasitic infection are easy enough to recognize:

  • Even though you might be consuming healthy foods and whole or even organic foods your hair still looks lackluster, your finger nails are brittle, your skin is oily and may suffer from frequent outbreaks, and you may lack energy no matter how healthy you try to live. In short, the nutrients you eat are never properly digested or make it into your system at all.
  • You suffer from bouts of diarrhea with severe cramping, followed by periods of constipation. You have excluded any medications or food allergies and your physician gives you a clean bill of health.
  • Blood-work will reveal fluctuating blood sugar levels while stool cultures will most likely reveal the identity of your unbidden gastrointestinal guests.

For many these symptoms are part and parcel of daily life yet instead of taking decisive action to get to the root of the problem, over the counter remedies for fatigue, nutrient supplementation and even medications for blood sugar lows or highs are requested. Interestingly, parasitic infections are quite easy to pick up:

  • Do you have a dog, cat, spouse or child whom you kiss?
  • Do you eat out without inspecting the hands of those who prepare the foods?
  • Do you eat food prepared by street vendors or from questionable locations?

Most everyone probably falls into one of the three categories or maybe even more than one. Thus, the odds that you have parasites in your intestines are better than average. Parasites do not have to be embarrassing, a drain on your body, or even a condition without hope; instead, you can quickly, easily and safely work on removing them from your gut with the help of a colon cleanse combined with a parasitic cleansing. Your local well-stocked health food store is probably your best bet in finding the ingredients your will need. Wormwood tinctures and powders that are known to be destructive on microorganisms most frequently are suggested by those who like to go the natural route. Since pure wormwood is a deadly hallucinogen, it is imperative that you purchase a mix that is ready made for human consumption. Another powerful antihelminthic is the clove which is easily obtained at your health food store.

As you engage in a colon cleanse regimen, include the natural parasite fighters to get rid of the adult parasites as well as their eggs and then you can be sure that when you evacuate the dried fecal matter that might have been building up in your intestines for years or maybe even decades, you can also be confident that the parasites that thus far enjoyed a dark, wet, warm, nutrient rich environment will soon be leaving your body for good and your health will be restored.