Getting Rid Of Bad Breath with Folk Remedies

If your breath needs freshening beyond the power of toothpaste, toothbrush and also dental floss, consider the folk remedies that are so plentiful. Best of all, these are safe, healthy, and will not counteract any medications you may be taking or medical conditions you might face.

Pomegranate Rinds – nobody is really sure why pomegranate rinds work, but the folk wisdom dictates that dried pomegranate can be dissolved in water and used as a mouthwash. Some go so gar as to suggest chewing fresh rinds and then spitting it out after three to four minutes, but interestingly it is the use of the dried rinds that causes better results.
Saltwater Gargle – dissolve table salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle three to four times with the mixture. The more salt you can stand the more bacteria the solution will kill off and the fresher your breath will be. Do not swallow the mix as salt is known to antagonize the health of your kidneys!
Baking Soda – brush your teeth with baking soda and then gargle with water into which baking soda has been dissolved. It is said to neutralize any bad breath. Follow it up with breath freshening remedies, such as mint leaves, and instead of the old bad breath, you now have sweet smelling breath.
Lemon Juice Gargle – unsweetened lemon juice, or the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon mixed with water, may be used to gargle and rinse out the mouth.
Cardamom Seeds – known as a pickling spice in the United States, this Indian contribution to our cuisine is said to act as a natural breath neutralizer when the dried seeds are chewed. Caution: the seeds contain a lot of potency and swallowing them may not be to everyone’s taste. Simply plan on spitting them out when you are done with the chewing.
Mint Leaves – chew on fresh mint leaves you can purchase in the fresh produce section of your supermarket. Mint is of course known as the best breath freshener around, and this accounts for the herb routinely being added to a variety of toothpastes and mouthwashes.
Parsley – the quintessential home remedy for bad breath, parsley is said to be a powerful bad breath neutralizer. Use a sprig of fresh parsley and simply chew it, swishing around the bits and pieces in your mouth.

Just remember that nothing replaces proper dental hygiene in the home, and regular visit with your dentist and the dental hygienist. After all, these folk remedies only address the occasional bout of bad breath, not the kind of halitosis brought on by gum disease and other diseases of the mouth.

To counteract bad breath brought on by such conditions, it is crucial for the dentist to treat the root cause of the condition and then worry about the cosmetic aspect of bad breath control afterward. The odds are good that once the problems in your mouth are treated, you no longer require constant breath freshening.