Glaucoma Acupressure

Chinese acupuncture and herbs assist the liver and kidneys that in turn help the eyes. Through the meridians one comes to understand the electrical grid and electromagnetic field of the human body. The clearing of electrical pathways is also vital to systemic balance and overall good health. On the face itself there are 18 acupressure points surrounding each eye and cheek area. There are hundreds of other points in the system and each of these facial acupressure points affects the flow of electricity or life force and circulation to the eye. Any point when over or under-stimulated can dramatically affect one’s vision or ability to focus. There are six muscles around the eye and one muscle inside the eye. These muscles can be too tight or loose resulting in problems with one’s visual acuity. Luckily, one can employ exercises and acupressure to tighten or loosen these muscles as well.

What is glaucoma

It is called the sneak thief of sight. Glaucoma has no obvious symptoms at first. It is painless and there is no effect on vision. By the time one notice the sight, glaucoma has done its damage. It occurs when a normal eye is filled with fluid and that fluid drains through tissue between the iris and cornea. With glaucoma, that drains backs up and no one knows the reason. The fluid either flows out slowly or stops flowing. The backup builds pressure throughout the eye by damaging blood vessels that feed the retina and optic nerve. Without nutrients, the optic nerve begins to die, along with the vision. One of every seven legally blind people lost sight due to glaucoma. Once glaucoma is diagnosed through a regular eye exam most people use medication to keep it from getting worse. The natural remedies in conjunction with medical care and doctor’s approval one can prevent glaucoma or slow its development, according to some health professionals.

Acupressure and glaucoma
Acupuncture has traditionally been successfully employed in China to treat most illnesses. There are several studies suggesting that acupuncture can be very helpful in the treatment of Glaucoma. Acupuncture treatment is used for several patients who are suffering from eye disorders including glaucoma. In all the patients, a subjective improvement of visual acuity was observed and a number of the patients with glaucoma had a decrease in pressure of the eye too.