Gynecomastia – The Reason Why Some Men Need Breast Reduction Surgery

The presence of male breasts is defined as a condition called gynecomastia. While breasts on women are expected no matter how big or small, there should be no breasts on a man. Men who have this condition are often teased and the subject of ridicule, especially when growing up and having to face the crowds on the playground or in the locker room.

Gynecomastia can cause such self-consciousness in a man that he becomes a social outcast. Their love life is likely non-existent because of their self-consciousness in bearing their chests and it definitely prevents a man from appearing shirtless in public, especially on hot summer days. Luckily there is male breast reduction surgery that can help remove them.

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Breast reduction for men is not a common procedure, but it exists to help those men with a breast problem and the surgery in not quite unlike a breast reduction surgery in a female, only all of the breast is removed to create a flat surface. A number of reasons exist that could cause gynecomastia. Sometimes, a medical problem persists such as tumors or reactions to medication so they must be explored first before scheduling any male breast reduction. However, sometimes, it is just the luck of the genetic draw or the result of extreme weight loss.

Male breast reduction can happen to a male at any age. Men and boys of all ages go through the cosmetic surgery from eighteen years of age on through senior age. Minors have to wait until they are considered adults to qualify for the surgery unless there are extenuating circumstances. There are cosmetic surgery clinics for male breast reduction in a number of major metropolitan cities. A bit of research is needed to properly identify the cosmetic surgery clinics that have actual experience in male breast reduction..

The process of male breast reduction can be rather simple, especially if the breasts are small. Only liposuction might be needed if there is not much excess flesh. If the “man boobs” are too big for liposuction alone, the surgeons will likely remove some tissue as well. Each person has different body builds so the procedure may not have exactly the same. Only the surgeon can properly advise someone of their options.

The surgery is not very complicated and can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Typical side effects to the male breast reduction surgery include some numbness, bruising, swelling and burning sensations. However, these symptoms usually subside within a few days. Within three weeks of the surgery, physical activities can be resumed although the full effects may not disappear for another few months. Some persistent post-operative swelling could remain indefinitely.

The cost is not exorbitant but could still put someone back a few thousand dollars upward to about ten thousand dollars. The type of procedure used and the time involved usually dictates the cost of the surgery. While male breast reduction is not an easy peasy cakewalk, it is a fairly straight-forward cosmetic surgical procedure. Rarely are there any serious difficulties with a male breast reduction.