Healing Scars with Aromatherapy

Scars may be unsightly remnants left behind on damaged areas of the skin. For many women and men, scars are something that they try to cover up and hide. There are many different reasons why people scar and some people tend to scar worse than others. They may be raised, purple, or bumpy. Large scars can be a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. Large scars that are in obvious places such as the face or hands can make people feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.

Scars may be the result of an injury or surgery or they could be the remnants of years of Acne. Stretch marks are actually scars in the skin that occur due to rapid weight gain or weight loss. Pregnancy is a cause of stretch marks and women everywhere try many different remedies to help prevent them. It is very important that pregnant women use essential oils with caution and read the safety precautions for any essential oil that they are considering to use. Many women desperately want to remove stretch marks but have no idea how.

There are herbal remedies that you can make to help heal scars. One of the most powerful herbs used in the treatment of scars is Helichrysum oil. Helichrysum oil helps to reduce scar tissue by repairing it at the cellular level. It has been used for thousands of years and is regarded as the most effective treatment for repairing skin. Skin that has been damaged needs to have the elasticity improved thereby reducing the appearance of the scar. There have been amazing studies showing that Helichrysum not only reduces scar tissue but also actually restores skin’s elasticity.

Helichrysum has been effective in treating and healing scars from surgeries, stretch marks from pregnancy, and will help heal scars that are many years old. You can make your own scar treatment by using carrier oil and adding Helichrysum to it. Try using one ounce of carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond, Rose Hip, Jojoba, or Macadamia and add 10-20 drops of Helichrysum to it. Use this directly to apply to the scarred area.

Your treatment using Helichrysum may take time, but it will work. For old scars, use your oil up to 2 times a day and for at least 3-6 months. It is best to use your Aromatherapy scar treatment as soon as the scar forms, but it will work on old scars.

You can also use this oil for a full body massage, and it will be wonderfully rejuvenating for the skin. It’s ability to tone loose skin is phenomenal and anyone who has undergone a major weight loss will appreciate using Helichrysum.

This treatment is also effective in treating emotional scars as well. Using Helichrysum candles and adding the oil to your diffuser will create a wonderful healing environment that will provide you with the tools you need to dig in deep and perform deep spiritual cleansing. Helichrysum heals and rejuvenates and as you pray, meditate, and work on your inner healing, keep this scent around you.