Health Benefits Of Cleansing Your Colon

There are several benefits to cleansing your colon. Some benefits are preventative, others have to do with keeping your body well. They are just one thing to consider when deciding to do a colon cleanse. Take your time when investigating various colon cleanses to make sure that you will indeed receive the benefits promised. Look for guarantees, feedback from satisfied customers and doctor recommendations.

Preventative health benefits of doing a colon cleanse involve keeping the colon healthy. A healthy colon is less likely to be cancerous.

Weight loss from doing a colon cleanse can be realized and has been reported by numerous individuals who have done colon cleansing. It is said, that the build up of waste product that has not been expelled lines the colon walls and forms layers over time that can be 2 to 4″ thick. This accumulated gunk can add up to several pounds of weight loss when the cleanse expels it from your colon. Some individuals claim to have lost as much as 20 to 30 lbs doing colon cleansing. This is especially true for individuals who consume a diet high in greasy or fattening or sugary foods.

Colon cleansing can help regulate your digestive system by freeing up the walls of the colon from stuck on waste product. It is the walls of the colon where the exchange of water and nutrients takes place. More nutrients can be absorbed from the colon to the bloodstream when the colon walls are free of gunk. Constipation and diarrhea can be corrected when using colon cleansings so your bowel movements can return to a healthy consistency.

Our diet has a lot to do with our health. The saying, “we are what we eat”, is quite literally true. Our bodies need fuel and food is that fuel that keeps our bodies functioning. If you put bad fuel in your vehicle’s tank, it will make your car’s engine sick. The same is true for your colon. Put bad food into it and it will get sick. A sick colon makes the rest of your body sick. Foods that mess up your colon are processed foods, foods that contain sugar and breads. Environmental toxins such as air pollution, second hand cigarette, and chemicals can also mess up your colon.

Just as food that we eat can junk up our colon, some foods can help keep our colon healthy. Raw, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains are the best foods to consume for the health of our colons. It is also extremely important to drink 1 to 2 liters of plain water each and every day.

An unhealthy colon can contribute to food allergies, bad breath, digestive problems, food cravings, protruding abdomen, low levels of energy, irritable bowel syndrome, acne, poor memory and poor eyesight. Unhealthy colons contribute to most illnesses. A clean colon is a healthier you.