High Heel Hurts

Joint pain is one of the major problems that almost all the people in this world are suffering. The majority of people who are affected by this problem are the older ones. This is because of the laziness that grows with age. Amongst the older people and the rest of the people, another group that is most affected are the females. We all have a conception that arthritis is mainly caused due to laziness. But it is not always the same. There are many other reasons that contribute to this problem. Another thing which is overlooked by everyone is the basic understanding of why arthritis is caused. So we will first take an insight into the problem of arthritis and then to its solution.

Arthritis – An Insight

Arthritis is actually a group of conditions that damages or causes damage to the joints of the body. It is a problem that actually affects people who are old. There are many forms of arthritis and every type has its own causes and results. However the female group suffers a lot from this problem because of their heavy usage of heels. The sandals that they wear also contribute to the problem of arthritis. Now one might wonder how heels contribute to the problem of arthritis. Well studies have shown that the heels that all women wear which are at least of two inches hurt the joints very much. The heels actually create a twisting force in the joints of the knees. This increases the torque and thus causes a lot of pain in the joints near the knees. It directly affects the joint near the back of the kneecap. Excessive wearing of heels also leads to the wear and tear of the tissues near the knees thereby aggravating the problem of joint pain all the more. This problem occurs with all types of heels and with almost all the females who are wearing it.

So now we can understand that it is not always the age and not always laziness that leads to arthritis, rather even a small thing like wearing of heels also affects and can lead to arthritis. So, one should avoid wearing shoes with high heels.