Hip Hop Aerobics

What are aerobics?

The word aerobic means with oxygen or with air and aerobic exercise is any repetitive activity that you do long enough and hard enough to challenge your heart as well as lungs and they include your legs, glutes, back and chest. However it is an effective physical exercise which is often done to music and apart from staying power, strength, flexibility, and coordination are trained. Aerobics contain activities like walking, jogging, swimming, etc

How hip hop aerobics are useful?
Doing hip hop aerobics you will sweat a lot and also have lots of fun. Hip hop aerobics have hottest moves like the shake, basketball, drive and the bounce is combined slowly into the 45-min routine and it’s easy to learn. These hip hop aerobics helps you live longer and healthier. Doing regularly hip hop aerobics for 30 minutes can help you breathe faster and more deeply to maximize the amount of oxygen in your blood stream. It also pumps blood faster and more forcefully in order to produce energy and deliver oxygen more effectively to the rest of the body resulting to heart beats faster.

It increases the diameter and number of small blood vessels where these small blood vessels dilate and carry away waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Your body warms up when you repeatedly move your muscles in short it avoids overheating. Regular hip hop aerobic exercise releases endorphins that are your body’s natural painkillers. Hence people who exercise regularly lower their risk of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, frailty and keeps you fit as well as strong.

How can you learn hip hop aerobics?

Now-a-days videos are available and looking at the picture you can learn at home itself. It is near about 45 minutes routine and in the videos you will get nutrition tips from an expert on how to eat healthy and stay fit as well as strong. Another way to learn hip hop aerobics is you can join classes; according to the latest news “D’s Hip Hop Aerobics” classes in NYC are the most popular and are jammed pack at Crunch and Chelsea Piers.